What Happened to Jenn Johns of Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio?

As a fan and viewer of many of the “old school” cake decorating channels, I was surprised when Jenn Johns suddenly stopped uploading videos to her Cookies, Cupcake and Cardio Channel around April 2018. She completely stopped making videos and disappeared from social media.

Very shortly after, I saw rumors that she had accused her common-law husband and business partner of domestic violence and he was arrested, jailed and charged!

Jenn later confirmed that is indeed what happened in her private Facebook Group, Baking Buddies.

Being that my friends and I are fans of true crime and a bit of web sleuth’s, we decided to look into this case and the accusations. Here’s what we found.We checked Canadian records and British Columbia court records do show this actually happened! They show that her husband was charged with 1 count of threatening and 3 counts of assault-related charges. There’s also divorce filing in family court records.

The Trial

The trial against her husband started May-June 2018 and went 5 days.

We not only managed to track down someone that personally knows Jenn Johns, but through her, we were placed in contact with a person that actually attended the trial!

They told us that the trial was EXTREMELY dramatic!

One of the major surprises was the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) had found a VERY incriminating audio tape of Jennifer Johns and Stephaine Moores (who was a guest host on the show), where they conspired to set up her husband with false allegations so they could take over his half of the business. They even discussed the possibility of hiring someone to murder him!

After this audio was played, her husband’s lawyer played multiple videos of Jenn self-harming herself and then claiming her husband had caused the injuries. This was followed by videos of Jenn Johns unprovenly attacking and assaulting her husband. We were told knives were involved!

When question by her husband’s lawyer, Jennifer Johns was extremely aggressive and belligerent in court. Refusing to answer questions and become very aggressive to anyone who challenged her version of events. She even had to be reprimanded by the judge multiple time for her behavior!

The criminal trial ended with the prosecutor dismissing the most serious charge against her husband before the judge could give his ruling. He stated the reason for doing this was lack of evidence.

The judge then ruled that her husband be found innocent on all other charges. Online court record, agian, confirm this verdict.

Where’s Everyone Now?

Jenn’s husband has remained silent throughout what must have been a horrible experience for him. We’re told he has moved on with his life. We’ll be trying to contact him for a comment and will hopefully have his side of the story soon, in a future update for you.

Stephanie doesn’t seem to be friends with Jenn any longer. It’s rumored she is working on and will be starting her own Youtube beauty channel soon. We’ll post the channel link when this happens.

Jenn Johns has appeared randomly on social media before the trial started to renew the accusations against her husband. Since the trial ended, she has mostly disappeared from social media.Jen has lost many of her friends after it was revealed that the allegations about her husband were made up, solely for the reason of personal profit. We are told that Jenn has moved from Canada to the United States and is now engaged to a man with a long criminal record; which includes both drug and violence offenses.

We aren’t sure if any police investigations against her are ongoing due to all the incriminating evidence revealed in court.Apparently, one of the major true crime podcasts is going to be doing an episode one this story! They are currently working on getting court records released to them. Once agian, we’ll post the link to the podcast when it happens.

We’ll do more updates as I get more information on all this! Please leave a comment if you have any information regarding the case!

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